Young Audiences Arts for Learning Launches a Comprehensive National Web Site

August 27, 2012 |

New York, NY (August 27, 2012, 11 a.m. EDT) - To celebrate Young Audiences Arts for Learning's 60th anniversary, the national office launched an interactive web site that will foster communication within the Young Audiences (YA) network and beyond. The YA web site ( is designed to strengthen and serve YA's online audience. It was developed by rayogram, a company that holds an expertise in creating web sites for non-profit organizations.

The National Executive Director, David Dik states, "Not only will this web site reinvigorate YA's online presence, but it will also act as a hub for the most current arts-in-education news."

The YA Homepage is designed to have an engaging impact and a streamlined navigation system. It features illustrated highlights that advertise the YA network's special events and programs. The newsfeed, located on every page will aggregate all the postings and events by topic allowing for quick access to each current feature. The Network, a section that highlights all 30 affiliates also hosts an interactive map featuring the entire national network.

The web site also boasts an impressive section called the Work We Do that is a library of project case studies that are searchable by multiple criteria. These case studies provide a comprehensive resource allowing visitors to view YA's successful projects. Each Young Audience affiliate is invited to submit their case studies along with any additional materials and media that might include images and video documentation.

Over YA's sixty years of history, it has developed an extensive national network of affiliates, partnering organizations, and supporters. WhyArts, an online publishing platform brings together all these perspectives and will feature them as commentaries on news events, interviews of emerging leaders from the YA network, and will engage online visitors in candid discussions about the biggest issues surrounding arts-in-education today. The introductory feature will be an interview with the world renowned clarinetist, Richard Stoltzman. Stoltzman has been a member of the YA advisory Committee for over 25 years and was elected to the National Board of YA in 1995. WhyArts will be categorized by tags allowing for a cross pollination through the web site's newsfeed. The newsfeed will be presented in reverse chronological order, updated frequently and will be essentially a living breathing table of contents.

In addition to the major highlights, the web site will provide enhanced functionality, integration of several social media platforms, a fully functional email marketing tool, and a management and fundraising database. It will represent the newest approach to creating and showcasing information for a myriad of audiences. It will also further augment Young Audiences position as the leading arts-in-education organization.

rayogram is a creative agency working in strategic partnership with select clients - from Fortune 500 companies to progressive non-profits.Their team of strategists, designers, multi-media and technology experts collaborates closely with clients to bring sustainable creative strategies to life. The site was developed on Drupal, an open-source software that is maintained and developed by a community of more than 500,000 users.

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