Contribute to Hurricane Ida Relief Fund for YA of Louisiana Teaching Artists

September 08, 2021 |

While Hurricane Ida has passed, the storm continues to impact many of the hardest-hit communities. Among them is Jefferson Parish, where our affiliate Young Audiences of Louisiana (YALA) does the bulk of its work, a community that has suffered major damage to more than one-third of its school system’s 81 campuses.

Many of YALA's teaching artists work as independent contractors, and as a result, they are especially vulnerable when severe weather forces evacuation. Not only has the aftermath of Hurricane Ida closed the doors to many schools and libraries, but it has also prevented teaching artists from working to secure the income they need for day-to-day living and evacuation expenses. Due to the current disaster, independent contractors lose anywhere from $500 - $2,000 each week they are not teaching. Teaching artists in the hardest-hit areas may not return to work for months. While the circumstances were beyond anyone's control, you can do something to help our colleagues in Louisiana at this challenging time.


Please consider contributing to the Hurricane Ida relief fund for YALA teaching artists who work as independent contractors today! All contributions will go towards their lost income and evacuation expenses in an attempt to help offset losses from the recent hurricane. The distribution amount will depend upon the total amount raised.

Thank you for your support of these dedicated teaching artists in need, who make Young Audiences’ work possible.