Arts for Learning Miami Inducts Eight Outstanding Individuals into Founder's Circle

February 25, 2014 | [email protected]

On Saturday, January 25th, 2014, Arts For Learning had the distinct pleasure of honoring eight outstanding individuals who were essential to the founding of A4L, thus establishing the Arts For Learning Founders' Circle. Gathering once again at The Sagamore Hotel, the same inspiring venue for A4L's initial celebration in 2001, current A4L staff and board members honored the organization's founders with a special brunch that showcased A4L program participants and the legacy of the Founders' vision.

The Founders' Circle Brunch was a celebration of the individuals who made it possible for Arts for Learning to become more than a great idea. These individuals possessed visionary leadership, wise governance, and a steadfast commitment to integrity, transparency, fiscal discipline, and program excellence. Most importantly, they had an unwavering dedication to children and the arts. Thirteen years hence, these traits and values continue to guide A4L and have allowed it to thrive. Arts for Learning is proud to recognize its Founders: 

  • Carmen Maria Aguirre, Founding Board Member
  • Lilia Garcia, Founding Board Member and Partner
  • Jane Gilbert, Founding Executive Director
  • James M. Herron, Founding Board Member and Board Chair (2003-2006)
  • Betsy Kaplan, Founding Board Member
  • R. Kirk Landon, Founding Board Chair (2000-2003), Chair Emeritus
  • Rhoda Levitt, Founding Board Member
  • Michael Spring, Founding Board Member and Partner


A4L's Executive Director Sheila Womble reflected upon A4L's successes over the last 13 years, including program quality, impact, organizational structure and culture, all brought to bear by the Founders who planted the seeds for success. Joseph McDonald, a high school sophomore, who is a participant in A4L's ArtWorks program shared how he has benefited from his experience as an intern. Ms. Renee Myrthil provided a testimony of how her children have flourished as a result of A4L programming. Following Mrs. Myrhill's remarks, Kay Hancock Apfel, long-time board member and current board chair closed the ceremony with a toast to the Founders.


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