Affili-Nation: Young Audiences of Louisiana

August 02, 2017 | [email protected]
Often, an organization is only perceived through its events, programs, and results (as it is intended to). Affili-Nations mission is to introduce the YA community to the incredible people in each Affiliate organization who make the magic happen. Meet Omote Ekwotafia – Program Manager of Young Audiences of Louisiana
To Omote, arts-in-education means an opportunity to meaningfully engage youth in their education by teaching them art skills that they will hold onto for a lifetime. Individually, arts and education opens doors, but when they are integrated they nurture the imagination needed to create doors. 
She is drawn to arts and education because she likes the idea of helping children find their strength. Omote States: “The capacity to create art is inherent in all of us, and children need the adults in their lives to create a space for the art that could help them design their future.” She loves that Young Audiences is dedicated to helping children do just that.
Young Audiences shows Omote that we should focus more on incorporating the arts into the lives of students and our communities, because otherwise there is a risk people will forget the transformative power of art. She loves to see the children participating in our programs grow. Whether it is over several weeks of arts-integrated lessons or just one hour. Getting to see children take ownership of their work and education and smile with pride at their accomplishments is her favorite part of the job. 

Young Audiences Arts for Learning