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The National Young Audiences office helps the broad network of Young Audiences affiliates play a decisive role in all young people’s education and development. Young Audiences envisions a future in which the nation’s children and youth will have the opportunity to engage in quality arts learning experiences that nurture creativity, build cultural understanding and enhance the development of their learning and life skills. 

Role of the National Office in the YA Network:

  • creates and disseminates learning resources and ideas for inspiring children, teachers and volunteers 
  • supports opportunities for schools, communities, educators and families to engage in the arts together 
  • provides grant opportunities through nationally-funded programs and sponsorships 
  • promotes YA programs in all disciplines for children and youth of all ages 
  • provides technical assistance and start-up grants for new arts-in-education initiatives 
  • sponsors conferences and professional development for board volunteers, staff and artists 
  • helps train the next generation of professional teaching artists 
  • certifies the continuous improvement of YA affiliate programs 
  • undertakes research into programs affecting the arts-in-education field 
  • provides access to expert advice, shared knowledge and information 
  • provides promotional and advocacy materials 
  • works with YA affiliates to design and deliver new and innovative arts-in-education program materials and practices



Young Audiences Arts for Learning - National Office
171 Madison Avenue
Suite 200
New York City, 10016
(212) 831-8110
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Young Audiences Arts for Learning is proud to be part of a new national campaign in support of arts education for all students, Arts ARE Education.

Led by the national leadership organizations of…

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