Young Audiences of Massachusetts

Providing more than 200,000 students annually with access to quality arts-in-education programs with more than 110 teaching artists

Founded in 1962, Young Audiences of Massachusetts is one of the state's leading nonprofits focused on providing students with access to quality arts-in-education programs in PreK-12 schools, community centers, museums, libraries, hospitals, and homeless shelters. Our programs in music, theater, visual/design arts, literary arts, storytelling, and dance, presented by a broad spectrum of 110 nationally and internationally recognized teaching artists, enable children to learn in, through, and about the arts.

In addition to specific educational and creative objectives, our programs often address other challenges in the lives of underprivileged youth (English proficiency, bullying, homelessness, etc.) where the arts serve as the tool for youth development.  In 2012-13 we delivered over 1600 programs in over 400 sites and served over 200,000 students across Massachusetts.  Our mission is to initiate lifelong learning in the arts by making them essential to EVERY child’s education. Our efforts are focused on making arts programs accessible to ALL children, including those without access, and to utilizing the arts to facilitate individual, educational, and social change.

Young Audiences of Massachusetts
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phone number:
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