Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

CAPE inspires over 5,000 students from 63 Chicago Public Schools to be more passionate about their educations

CAPE inspires over 3,500 students from more than 80 Chicago Public Schools to be more passionate about their educations. To spark their enthusiasm, we weave visual and performing arts into their classroom lessons during our in-school and after-school programs.

To bring their traditional subjects to life through the arts, we partner teaching artists with Chicago Public School teachers. They intertwine creative and core curriculums into original, artistic lessons. These lessons integrate visual art, animation, photography, dance, theater and music to help students better understand science, math, history, language arts and humanities.

CAPE also expands learning beyond school walls to community sites like art studios, performance halls and exhibit spaces. Imagine students producing a video book report, choreographing a history lesson, using geometry to plan scaled art installations, and learning physics by inventing their own musical instruments. It’s lessons like these that make subject matter come alive and truly excite students about the learning process.

Just like CAPE develops new creative lessons to build upon traditional teaching, we also devise new approaches to measure student progress that go beyond the antiquated limits of standardized testing. Our results show that CAPE’s unique approach to art-based education helps students think critically, problem solve creatively, and comprehend subjects completely. Our students’ improved skills lead to better grades, narrowed achievement gaps, higher self-esteem, and greater confidence.


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