Young Audiences of Houston Announces New Programming in Honor of Black History Month



Check out the great programs that our Houston affiliate will be offering to the local community this Black History Month! 

Teaching artists and performance groups such as Jean Donatto, Hope Shiver, David Keepman, Soul Street, and Kucheza Ngoma Dance Company  will use music, theatre, and dance to teach elementary, middle, and high school kids  about African American History throughout the entire month. Here is a brief description of each program and the featured artists!


Sister Rosa Parks, the Bus Stops Here

Jean Donatto

Grades: 3-12

Storyteller Jean Donatto tells the story of the famous Alabama woman who stood up to injustice and teaches students about the social climate before, during, and after Rosa's history-making bravery.  

Curriculum Guide


Git on Board! The Life of Harriet Tubman 

Voices from the Past

Grades: K-12

Singer/Actress Hope Shiver and David Keepman take the audience on a trip through the Underground Railroad and learn about Harriet's early life as a slave, her escape to freedom, and her journeys helping other freedom-seeking slaves escape to the North. ***Available Evenings and Weekends*** 

Curriculum Guide


Taking It to the Streets

Soul Street (pictured above)

Grades: K-12

Catch the excitement of Street Dance as these energetic performers demonstrate their varied styles and discuss the distinctive features and origins of each dance. From Brazil's Capoiera to New York's Break Dance and the multi-component form of hip-hop, students learn how these styles developed and evolved and how African-Americans contributed to this popular art form. 


The Pan-African Passport

Kucheza Ngoma Dance Company (new)

Grades: PK-12

Through colorful drumming and dance, Kucheza Ngoma Dance Company chronicles the influence of the African diaspora on dance, starting with traditional West African rhythms and dance and moving on through the Caribbean and into the Americas. This journey culminates with Jamaican pop-culture's Dancehall, which evolved from traditional West African and West Indian folk dance styles. The interactive nature of this program will bring students in the audience on stage to drum, dance, and do the limbo!


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Date of Event: 
Monday, February 1, 2016 - 12:00am

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