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Congratulations to our friends at SEADAE (State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education) on the publication of their much-anticipated White Paper, STEAM and the Role of the Arts in STEM. The paper advocates for the inclusion of the arts with other STEM subjects as part of a well-rounded education, championing equitable access to arts instruction across the country.
As a member of the Title IV-A Coalition, we offer the following response to the House’s FY 2020 LHHS-Ed appropriations bill, which includes $1.32 billion for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant program, authorized under Title IV, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
Chicago Arts Partnership in Education (CAPE), Young Audiences Arts for Learning's Chicago-based affiliate, was recently awarded US$2.3 million by the US Department of Education, in the form of an Assistance for Arts Education Development and Dissemination (AAEDD) grant. The award will fund a four-year program called STEAM Ahead. CAPE will partner with the Park Forest-Chicago Heights School
Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley and Young Audiences National Executive Director David Dik announced that six JPPSS schools are taking part in a new 4-year, $2.3 million grant awarded to Young Audiences of Louisiana (YALA) to create an arts-integrated educational model that advances student achievement. Additionally, the project will deliver national access to model curriculum and materials through a distance learning platform administered by Young Audiences, Inc. Research from the JPPSS partnership will help elevate the effectiveness of arts...
YA Network affiliates Young Audiences of Louisiana (YALA), ArtsNow Learning (ArtsNow), and Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE), have each been awarded more than US$2.25 million in funding over four years to advance pioneering projects in the arts integration field. These winning initiatives represent three out of only 22 AAEDD grants awarded for FY18, culled from more than 90 applications.
Young Audiences Arts for Learning’s Affili-Nation column spotlights the hardworking individuals across the YA network who make it possible for our affiliates to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts. Our latest publication features Pam Walker from ArtsNow.
Download the RFP form here . Digital Transformation: A National Arts-in-Education Conference, the 2017 Young Audiences Arts of Learning annual conference, aims to serve 250 participants who are interested in the arts-in-education field at the local, state and national levels. Digital Transformation is presented by the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning and Young Audiences Arts for Learning.
Jones Soda Co. and Young Audiences Arts for Learning (YA) began their partnership in early 2014 with the Launch of the Jones Soda Photography Program. This partnership highlights the emphasis that both organizations place on the importance of the arts and arts education to our students. From the start, Jones Soda established the importance of the arts to both its corporate culture and visual
On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, Young Audiences New York, our affiliate in NYC, showcased the outstanding work created by students through its LINK NYC after-school program. Students were paired with corporate mentors from industry-leading companies such as AMC, Facebook and Now This Media, among others.
On Tuesday, March 8, more than 500 grass roots advocates celebrated Arts Advocacy Day in Washington D.C. Arts Advocacy Day is instrumental in advancing key legislative initiatives and arts education policies.
Think back to the last time you went to see your favorite band perform live. Chances are you remember how the lead guitarist hit the perfect solo in your favorite song and how cool the lights and pyrotechnics were, but there is an element you may not recall that was perhaps just as important to your perfect concert-going experience. What you may have missed was the expert placement of the speaker
2015 was an exciting year for Young Audiences! Together, the Young Audiences Network has been involved in bringing the arts to over 5 million students in communities around the country in many different ways, from providing programs that enhance students' 21st century skills through STEAM, to organizing advocacy and arts-based community building events. Check out some of 2015's highlights from around the network below!
Workshop presenter Joy Guarino, Associate Professor of Dance at Buffalo State College, presenting Building Community with a Kinesthetic Classroom at the 2014 Arts Abilities Conference Young Audiences in conjunction with Arts Partners for Learning will host the 8thAnnual Patricia Cotsen Arts Abilities Conference on October 29, 2015 at the Downtown Library in Buffalo, NY. The conference will bring
What is Arts integration? Arts integration is a technique for teaching and learning that utilizes arts forms in conjunction with standard subject area curricula in order to facilitate comprehensive and effective learning in both the art form and traditional core subject area. Young Audiences Arts for Learning believes that the demonstrated benefits of implementing arts-integrated curricula make
Arts-in-Education Week - September 13-19, 2015 In July of 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution #275 designating the second week of September as National Arts in Education Week. Congress designated Arts in Education week In celebration of this week, Young Audiences Arts for Learning will be supporting arts in education along with other organizations, advocacy groups and
Young Audiences of Houston and Houston Arts Partners are proud to present their 5th annual Houston Arts Partners Conference. The conference will be held September 11 and 12, 2015 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This year’s conference theme, The Arts Fuel Innovation , places the focus on the relationship between the arts and vital components of tomorrow’s creative economy: creativity,
A quick look into the demographics of the Near Eastside of Indianapolis community will reveal that it is comprised of 20 different neighborhoods encompassing over 40,000 residents. Of the 40,000, 24% do not have a high school diploma and according to the U.S. census the unemployment rate was almost 10% in 2000 and has risen steadily since. In addition to this, many of the students that attend IPS
The program strives to use baseball as a vehicle to demonstrate some of the countless real-world applications of STEAM in a way that is more readily accessible to students. In other words, it is a “deep-dive” exploration of everything baseball that integrates the arts, science, math, engineering, and technology in a fun and exciting way.
YA Maryland Teaching Artist uses collaborative songwriting and composing to teach kids history and science lessons.
Today, June 19, is National Summer Learning Day! Just because school’s out doesn’t mean the learning stops, especially at Young Audiences Arts for Learning. The First Lady is excited about these next few months, and so are we. The summer is an important time for kids to try new things, catch up on skills, and spend time creating and exploring.
YA had the great honor of having both Congressional Co-chairs Suzanne Bonamici and Elise Stefanik present to set the tone for the briefing with opening remarks about why they believe STEAM is important, as well as sharing with attendees instances of great STEAM opportunities within their constituencies...
Young Audiences Arts for Learning will host a STEAM briefing in cooperation with the Congressional STEAM Caucus, co-chaired by Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and Congresswoman Elise M. Stefanik. The briefing will take place on Friday, May 15 from 9:30 am...
Today’s global economy is more markedly different from that of any other in history to date... businesses have had to adapt their business strategies in order to compete in a more thorough and effective way. In order to support that change at an organizational level, there has been an increased focus on developing and cultivating “21st century skills” that prepare students for success in the modern workplace. One way to foster many of these desired characteristics and skills is by actively engaging students in the arts.
Math is often stereotypically viewed by society in a negative light, as something that must be “survived” in institutionalized educational settings before being dropped completely upon graduation. People of the anti-math persuasion proffer reasons such as “math is too hard” or “too inaccessible” to explain their abhorrence of numerical expression and geometric function. The question that must be
Arts as a core subject: Ben Folds is an arts education advocate who is able to make the issues surrounding arts education transparent. He is able to use his position to make sure that educators and policy makers know that people “will not stand for moving the arts out of the way for ‘more important’ things... read more.
The SupportMusic Music Education Community Forum sponsored by the NAMM Foundation, NAFME, and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus will be rolling into the Hampton Roads Convention Center on October 21, and will focus on the topic of "Music Education in Hampton Roads." This stop is just one on the Community Forum fall tour and will feature a panel of local music education experts, including
Research has shown that middle school is a critical development point for young people, and a time where the foundation for future learning and success is built. In order to help establish this solid foundation, the MetLife Learning for Life program was created. The MetLife Learning for Life program focuses on creating specially designed residencies for middle school students, led by Young
This summer, Young Audiences addressed summer learning loss by operating the first arts-integrated Baltimore City Public Schools summer school. The free program ensured that middle school students were engaged in hands-on learning and were ready to return to school in the fall confident in their abilities in math and science...
“Please don’t cut down all my trees, I need the earth to breathe! Won’t you help me?” This may sound like a line from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” but it’s actually the beginning of the chorus from a song co-written and produced by students and teaching artists from the Red House Program, a segment of Young Audiences of Rochester’s “Rochester Summer Scholars Program”. The Rochester Summer
Participants in the workshop experienced hands-on activities and learned from the collaborative YA approach based on the YA IDEA model for Design Thinking as a framework for 21st century skills, STEAM, and...
Supported by Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (OR) and Congressman Aaron Schock (IL), since its creation in 2013, the bipartisan Congressional STEAM Caucus has grown to include 63 members of Congress...
One 4th grade teacher wrote in her STEAM evaluation, "As the students demonstrated their home‐made instruments, I could tell they understood the scientific concepts of decibels, frequency, hertz and timbre."
As part of their celebratory events, Executive Director, Cary Clarke attended a community arts event that was organized by Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici’s office. Suzanne Bonamici is avid supporter of arts education and she is the co-chair of the Congressional STEAM Caucus.
On December 2, 2013, The Wall Street Journal published an article, titled “ STEAM Blends Science and the Arts in Public Education ,” which details the growing support for and implementation of programs that integrate arts education into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM) based curriculums. The efforts of the bipartisan STEAM caucus, which formed in January 2013 with the goals of
Transforming Education with STEAM is a seminar offered by the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI), a collaborative project between the Maryland affiliate of Young Audiences, the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance (AEMS), and the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC). TAI brings artists and teachers together to rethink learning through arts integration. We believe we can create the best
On Monday, June 24th, Young Audiences Arts for Learning hosted a STEAM briefing in cooperation with the Congressional STEAM Caucus...
Young Audiences Arts for Learning, in cooperation with the Congressional STEAM Caucus presents a STEM to STEAM briefing on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 2 pm in Washington D.C. This briefing focuses on changing the vocabulary of education to include both art and science and will include an interactive presentation to show what STEAM looks like in the classroom. The STEAM Caucus is Co-Chaired by
Young Audiences' highly successful Immersive Game Design program was featured in the latest NEA Arts quarterly magazine.