We are pleased to announce the launch of Learn.YA.org, Young Audiences Arts for Learning’s new Moodle project. The new home of YA’s learning management system (LMS), Learn.YA.org replacing YAMoodle.org, and extending the platform’s capabilities with new features, a streamlined navigation experience, and security upgrades.
During the training, the teachers became students, walking through each unit and participating in the different learning exercises to get a good grasp on how things were done.
Director of Education and Programs, Young Audiences of Louisiana, implementing a Professional Development for Arts Educators (PDAE) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to train teachers in arts-integrated instruction within five Title 1 Jefferson Parish schools. Approximately 50 second-, third-, and fourth-grade teachers received full-day training sessions and in-school support based on a co-teaching model that brings teaching artists into the classroom.
Join Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington on December 7, 2015 for The Beaverton School District Arts for Learning Celebration. This event will serve to highlight the impact and the completion of the five-year Investing in Innovation (i3) phase of the Arts for Learning Lessons Project in Oregon's Beaverton School District. Arts for Learning (A4L) is an innovative arts-based literacy
In the process of delivering Arts for Learning (A4L) les­sons to her fifth graders, Katie Wichser refreshed her passion for teaching. While doing the Planting a Community unit, the students used music to explore the perspectives of a diversity of characters in “Seedfolks,” by Paul Fleischman. “They were displaying real initiative in the classroom, becoming self-starters and getting involved in
Sheena Jeffers, Arts Integration Director, Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia Who doesn’t know the story “The Three Little Pigs”? Houses built of straw, sticks, and bricks. A big bad wolf huffs and puffs. Only the brick house stands. The wolf is defeated. In a traditional classroom, this might have been a reading lesson. Kids sitting at desks. Books in hand. Maybe the teacher would
When you integrate arts into educa­tion, the students will surprise you.” That’s what Aitina Fareed Cooke found in her experience as a teaching artist in two very different places. Waterfront Elementary School, where Aitina worked with third and fourth graders, is in Buffalo, the second-largest city in the state of New York. The Harold O. Brumsted Elementary School, where she worked with first
The Arts for Learning Initiative is a year-long program designed to bring teachers, artists and administrators together to gain an understanding of the pedagogy and arts integration methods that serve as the foundation for the Arts for Learning (A4L) curriculum while also learning strategies for implementing these practices in new and innovative ways in their own classrooms.
Today’s global economy is more markedly different from that of any other in history to date... businesses have had to adapt their business strategies in order to compete in a more thorough and effective way. In order to support that change at an organizational level, there has been an increased focus on developing and cultivating “21st century skills” that prepare students for success in the modern workplace. One way to foster many of these desired characteristics and skills is by actively engaging students in the arts.
More than 50 teachers at five Jefferson Parish Schools will participate in Arts-Integrated training sessions hosted by Young Audiences of Louisiana. The professional development is being made possible by a $347,000 federal grant received by the Jefferson Parish School District. The training program starts with a four day session this week, January 26-29 at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and will
Arts for Learning Indiana, an affiliate of Young Audiences Arts for Learning, is now partnering with the Pike Township Schools to bring the Arts for Learning Online Curriculum to students at elementary schools throughout the district. The partnership is part of Pike Township's 21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool Program, and involves a once-a-week residency for students, which
The seminar will be attended by over 50 educators, teaching artists, school administrators, and organizational leaders from across the country, making it one of the most significant professional learning seminars ever held for the Arts for Learning curriculum. The Arts for Learning initiative is made possible by JCPenney Cares and its customers who generously donated a portion of their transactions last August to benefit the arts in education.