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Staying in the game

Young Audiences of Indiana's Metlife Grant residency has officially launched this month with the first pilot in a local public school.  This first residency is called "Stay in the Game: Visual Styles" and combines the arts of visual street art design and video game design while addressing issues of environmental awareness.  Visual artist Holly Combs has introduced the students to her street art style artistry to encourage the students to create their own characters and aliases for the video games they are designing.  Following the visual art workshops, video game design professional Jason Guy has  worked with the students to help them understand the many steps it takes to create a video game from start to finish.  At the conclusion of this residency, the students will have created an air dry clay 3-D character model, a drawn character trading card, a mock-up of the video game packaging, a completed video game design document, and a pitch to sell their game to potential investors.

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