Meeting special needs with music in Houston

In the 2011-12 school year, Young Audiences of Houston has expanded its Music 4 Everyone program to include two new facilities: Gardens Elementary in Pasadena ISD and Avondale House. Music 4 Everyone is an interventional music project that provides music activities to the special education students at low-income schools and professional development training for the classroom teachers and assistants.

To date, Young Audiences of Houston has delivered the program to six locations, offered over 500 service sessions and reached more than 200 students. Through professional development trainings - over 150 teachers and teaching assistants have been impacted. Overall, 93% of the teachers and teaching assistants from Dodson Elementary, Helms CLC and T H Rogers feel it is an excellent program and 95% of the teachers witnessed slight to significant increases of development in the areas of behavior, communication, academics and socialization.

Finally, for 2012-13, through a collaboration with The Methodist Hospital Center for Performing Arts Medicine and The National Center of Human Performance, Young Audiences of Houston and T. H. Rogers will implement a science-based evaluation study of Music 4 Everyone entitled "The Impact of an Interventional Music Program on the Development of Children with Disabilities". The study will provide publishable results of Music 4 Everyone in a field where more quantitative research and access to innovative information and practices are desperately needed. 

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