Catching the beat in Maryland

"I thought I couldn't make beats out of random things," said Amari Roberts, a seventh-grade student at Imagine Discovery Public Charter School in Baltimore. "But you can make a beat out of anything."

Amari learned that everyday objects like barrels and her own feet can be used as instruments during a recent residency program. The residency was one of four at four Maryland middle schools. The new program was made possible by the MetLife Arts for Learning for Life Grant Program and supported two Maryland affiliate roster artists to work in each classroom for 10 sessions each. Combined, the artists reached more than 350 students and 20 teachers and art specialists during the 2011-2012 school year.

At Imagine Discovery, African dancer and musician Kwame Opare taught students about rhythm through music and step dance. It was also an opportunity for Kwame to teach students about other subjects, including African history, science, and-most importantly-how to work together.

"I learned responsibility, teamwork, and how to do fun things while learning science," Amari said. "I learned that I could do anything that is out of the box."

See Maryland students share what they learned about music and science during a recent residency in this new video!

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