Young Audiences New York Featured on Popular Radio Show "Nash Matters"



Young Audiences New York had the great opportunity to be featured on-air on the popular New York City Radio Show "Nash Matters" on NASH FM 94.7 earlier this month. YANY's board president Robert Riesenberg had the chance to talk about the mission of YANY and the work that they do both in and out of schools. Riesenberg discussed the importance of staying ahead of the curve in terms of what our students need from their education in order to succeed and how the arts are just the tool to do that. He states that the arts are important because "you get to have this moment during the day where you can express yourself artistically, and it feels right, and it feels comfortable, and you feel good about what you do because there's no right or wrong way to produce the arts." YANY's Board President then went on to briefly explain a bit about YANY's new "whole-community" inspired focus. "Not only are we working with kids, we're also bringing in their parents, bringing in the community, and making them stakeholders in these kids' lives. I've witnessed it in action and it's really inspiring to see."


To hear the full interview, visit and find "8/9/15 Part Two - Young Audiences New York" in the audio dropdown.



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