Young Audiences Arts for Learning Featured in Popular Online Philanthropy Blog

Young Audiences has been featured in the online philanthropy blog Inside Philanthropy! Blog writer Mike Scutari puts forward YA as the organization to "revitalise arts education in America", and highlights programs from around the network such as Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania's Emerging Artist's Creativity Hub and Arts for Learning Connecticut's Arts Partners Schools Initiative. Here's an excerpt from the blogpost:

"Enter Young Audiences Arts for Learning, the New York City-based proponent of arts education. The organization operates like a think tank, broadening the canvas surrounding arts education to ask deeper and more impactful questions like:
  • Can we raise awareness of the importance of the arts to identify potential funders, board members, and cheerleaders?
  • How can a sustained partnership bring lasting change to a disadvantaged urban school?
  • How can schools make a systematic cultural shift to value and create arts integration experiences to promote learning?"
Click here to view the full article.

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