YA National Staff Co-Present at the AEP 2015 National Forum: The Arts Leading the Way to Student Success

AEP Forum

This week in Arlington, Virginia, the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) 2015 National Forum: The Arts Leading the Way to Student Success is in full swing. Some of the nation’s most influential arts and education leaders will convene to explore arts-centered solutions as states across the country implement higher learning expectations aimed at ensuring America’s young people leave high school ready for college, careers, and citizenship. The Young Audiences Arts for Learning (YA) network is represented by three affiliates and the national office and we are thrilled that the national staff will present at one of the concurrent sessions later today. 
Members of the YA national staff will discuss the i3 funded Arts for Learning (A4L) curriculum, a research-based, arts-integrated literacy program that blends the creativity of the arts with learning science to improve student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. Since its initial design in 2005, A4L has served over 70,000 students nationwide and in 2014, YA moved the entire curriculum to an online platform and plans to expand the reach of the program to classrooms and communities in areas that do not have access to high quality arts integrated programs. Learn more about the session below and check back later this week for DLC of the presentation's digital materials.
Investing in Innovation: What Works from the Arts Education i3 Grants (Studio F)
Tuesday, September 1, 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Tom Cahill, President & Chief Executive Officer, Studio in a School; Philip Courtney, Chief Executive Officer, EASE Program, David A. Dik, National Executive Director, Young Audiences Arts for Learning, Sita Frederick, Director, Urban Arts Partnership, Peter Gerber, Director, Arts for Learning Program, Young Audiences Arts for Learning; Don Glass (Facilitator), arts | education | research; Paul King, Executive Director, Office of Arts and Special Projects, NYC Department of Education; Kathy London, Director of Arts; Instructional Support Specialist, District 75 NYCDOE; Jan Norman, National Director of Education, Research & Professional Development, Young Audiences Arts for Learning
In the current funding and accountability climate, innovative design and rigorous evaluation are expected elements of programs. In 2010, US ED’s Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund awarded three arts education organizations with 5 year grants to develop, implement, and evaluate key educational innovations in large school districts. Come learn about what curricular, assessment, instructional, and professional development practices worked, as well as engage with the i3 grantees about their complex research and development journeys.


i3 Scope of A4L Units (PDF)

Theory of Action handout (PDF)








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