YA Affiliates Across the Country Join Together In Support of Unified Statement: ‘Arts Education Is Essential’

We’re proud to announce that twenty affiliates of Young Audiences Arts for Learning (Young Audiences) have signed on in support of ‘Arts Education Is Essential.’ This unified statement conveys the importance of arts education for students during the COVID-19 pandemic, as policymakers and educational leaders make plans to reopen schools across the country this fall. 

Principles detailed in the statement include:

“Arts education supports the social and emotional well-being of students, whether through distance learning or in person.”

“Arts education nurtures the creation of a welcoming school environment where students can express themselves in a safe and positive way.”

“Arts education is part of a well-rounded education for all students as understood and supported by federal and state policymakers.”

As of June 12, 2020, the following Young Audiences affiliates have joined the statement’s growing list of signatories, comprised of leading national, state, and local organizations across the country.

  • Young Audiences of Abilene
  • Young Audiences of Houston
  • Young Audiences of Maryland
  • Young Audiences of Massachusetts
  • Young Audiences of New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Young Audiences of Northeast Texas
  • Young Audiences of Northern California 
  • Young Audiences of Oregon & Southwest Washington
  • Young Audiences of Western New York
  • Kansas City Young Audiences
  • Arts for Learning Connecticut
  • Arts for Learning Miami
  • Arts for Learning San Diego
  • Arts for Learning Virginia
  • Santa Cruz County Arts for Learning
  • Arts Partners Wichita
  • Arts Ed Collaborative
  • Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education
  • Springboard to Learning
  • Think360 Arts for Learning


About Young Audiences Arts for Learning
Founded in 1952, Young Audiences Arts for Learning is the nation’s largest art-in-education network, serving more than 5 million young people each year. Young Audiences works to support its diverse network of affiliated organizations that are each dedicated to playing a decisive role in young people’s personal, artistic, and educational development. Learn more about Young Audiences and its mission to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts at www.youngaudiences.org.

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