Where Art Lives Conference Breakout Session A: Thursday, April 24th 1:30 pm- 2:30 pm

1. Getting to the Core: Connecting Arts and Sate Common Core Standards
Pat Cruz, Education Director, Young Audiences of Maryland

Learn how to utilize the components of Understanding by Design to address the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Gain insights on the framework, misconceptions and history of CCSS; understand three stages of Understanding by Design; collaborate with others to experience how the CCSS may be addressed through the arts. 

2. Evolving Staff Structure: The Role Teaching Artists Play in Adapting Organizations to a Changing World
Marsha Dobrzynski, Executive Director, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, Cleveland, OH
Stacie Sanders Evans, Executive Director, Young Audiences of Maryland
Eileen Doyle, Executive Director, Young Audiences New York
A roundtable discussion on taking risks and changing organization models to hire teaching artists as salaried employees. The panelists will share their experiences in working with teaching artists and how the partnerships have evolved over the years. They will discuss their rationale for doing so, the process they used to explore the shift from independent contractor to employee, implications and lessons learned. Also to be discussed: how to remain relevant in regions where other arts organizations are on the rise, education structures are ever-changing and students are faced with personal, social and economic obstacles.
3. Building Research Capacity and Vision
Scott Sikkema, Education Director at Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE)
Dr. Larry Scripp, Founding Director & Senior Researcher, Center for Music and the Arts in Education New England Conservatory and Music in Education Consortium

How to approach or deepen your engagement in research. The presenters explain how they formed a partnership around research and program that has allowed them to more fully describe connections between arts and learning, and how to get at causality in looking at those connections.  Included will be basic notions of how to get started with research, and differentiations between research, evaluation, and assessment.  

4. Creative Catalyst Fund:  Support for Individual Artist Projects
Iain Gunn, La Jolla Playhouse, Puppetry                                              
Brandie Maddalena, Young Audiences of San Diego, Puppetry
Bridget Rountree, Young Audiences of San Diego, Installation Art
Facilitator: San Diego Foundation Arts and Culture Working Group (tba)
Now in its second year, Creative Catalyst Fund of the San Diego Foundation teams nonprofit arts organizations with skilled individual artists from all genres.  The criteria of the grants require a strong, genuine community component to each project.  Panelists will talk about the background for individual artist support in San Diego, the origins of the program, and the impact on artists-- their work, careers, and connection to communities. 
5. How to Turn Silos into STEAM Engines: Developing and Marketing STEAM Collaborations
Nancy Sterman, Director of Education, Young Audiences of Western New York
This workshop highlights the importance of the integrated, collaborative classroom while providing tools to advocate for the A in STEM on a local, regional and state-wide scale. Participants will gain tools to build a strong STEAM presence on their roster, how to communicate with principals and teachers about building school-based STEAM programs and how to collaborate with local cultural partners to strengthen your organization’s mission.



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