Where Art Lives Conference Breakout Session F: Saturday, April 26th 10:00 am-11:00 am

1. Finding Common Ground: Opportunities for Teaching Artists
Jennifer Oliver, Advisory Council Chair, Teaching Artist Support Collaborative of California (TASC)
"Finding Common Ground" is a grassroots conversation between teaching artists, credentialed arts specialists, and classroom teachers, piloted in Los Angeles in October 2013. The conversation is incited by the work of CREATE CA and is being facilitated by the Teaching Artist Support Collaborative of California.  Examine topics based on the over-arching questions:  “How can we, as credentialed arts specialists and teaching artists, leverage our work with students and others to the highest level?  What is the common ground between us?”
2. Creativity Consultant Project:  An Embedded Professional Development Model
Michelle L. Marigliano, Special Projects & Assessment Coordinator, YA New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
Liz Winter Kuwornu, Arts Education Projects Director, YA New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
Learn about the Creativity Consultant Project (CCP)—its partnering strategies and overall framework, its development, delivery, and documentation. Participants will gain an understanding of how the collaborative nature of the CCP increases YA’s impact in schools and empowers classroom teachers to embed the arts and the creative process into his/her existing curriculum. Learn how artists and teachers plan lessons that demonstrate the effective use of the arts to foster the creativity and innovation of all learners.
3. Teaching Artist Collaborative: Initiating, Implementing and Inspiring Peer Professional Development
Daniella Shoshan, Program Administrator, Young Audiences of Northern California, San Francisco, CA
Radhika Rao, Teaching Artist, theater and acting, Young Audiences of Northern California, San Francisco, CA
Gain insight and inspiration from a practical account of the strategies and logistics involved in starting a Teaching Artist Collaborative program. Providing a basic overview of how Young Audiences of Northern California organized and executed its pilot program, our program administrator and one of our teaching artists offer methods and models for peer professional development pairings, observations, Arts Wiki workshops, and the development of artist-specific evaluation/assessment tools. Learn all the necessary tools for initiating a similar program in your community.

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