Where Art Lives Conference Breakout Session D: Friday, April 25th 10:45 am-11:45 am

1. The New National Core Arts Standards
Lynn Tuttle, Director of Arts Education at the Arizona Department of Education
Prepare yourself to be a partner in launching the National Core Arts Standards in your community.  Come learn how the standards are designed, how you can utilize them with students and teachers, and explore how they support your arts learning programming. 
2. Advocacy and Effective Civic Leadership
Dalouge Smith, Executive Director, San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory
Victoria Plettner-Saunders, VPS Cartographie
Alan Ziter, Executive Director, NTC Foundation
Elected officials want three things, according to Sandy McBreyer of the Children's Initiative:  to be elected, re-elected or elected to higher office.  Understand this, she says, and you have a key into how to reach a politician and his/her staff.  This session explores grass-roots arts advocacy from an experiential perspective, comparing successful efforts on behalf of arts education, arts and culture organizations for the benefit of those served.  Learn about successful campaigns and how local advocacy networks connect regionally and across a state.
3. It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Examining: Measuring Program Impact
Michelle Green Arnson, Development & Marketing Associate, Chicago Arts Partnership in Education
Jenny James, Program Director, Young Audiences of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA
Gloria Mable, Director of Program Operation, Young Audiences New York
Sam Williamson, Senior Instructional Specialist, Big Thought, Dallas, TX

In this session, participants will consider, “What is the purpose of measuring impact?” and examine programmatic impact through assessment, evaluation, and collaborative research, examining work for both the quantity and quality of results.  Participants will also discover the tools that YA affiliates use with success in communities around the country. This session is led by participants in the Young Audiences Arts-in-Education Leadership Institute.

4. Building Understanding Across Three Counties: The Arts + STEM Collaborative for 21st Century Learning
Denise Grande, Director of Arts Education/Arts for All, LA County Arts Commission
Jim Thomas, Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator, Arts Orange County Department of Education
Kim Richards, Founder, KDR PR/STEAMConnect
The Arts + STEM Collaborative for 21st Century Learning is a joint effort of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties established to allow arts, STEM and education leaders to learn about one another’s work, identify areas of convergence, and determine how to work together to support public education. Learn how the Collaborative managed to:  build strong relationships, address barriers to open dialogue about the intersections between arts and STEM, created a common definition of STEAM learning and the role of arts and STEM as strategies for Project Based Learning. They will share tools and resources they created and the impact this work had in their own communities. 
5. Engaging Students with Excellence and Equity Through Integration of the Arts
Peter Gerber, Director, Arts for Learning, Young Audiences, Inc.
Judith Trotter, Teacher on Special Assignment, Charleston County School District
Jan Norman, Director of Education, Research & Professional Development, Young Audiences, Inc.
This session offers participants an opportunity to learn by doing and to gain through practitioners’ insights an understanding of how Arts for Learning (A4L) advances the education of all students, keys to the program’s success and ways of building and sustaining local capacity. Participants will experience the new digital platform, the Assessment Tool Kit, distinctive qualities of A4L units for classroom use, ways in which A4L can be differentiated for specific student needs, ways teaching artists and arts specialists can be integral to the success of A4L, and how A4L points toward effective integration of the arts with other subjects.

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