Colorado Creative Industries Announces Arts Education Partnership with Think 360 Arts

New York, NY (September 4, 2014) Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) announced today they will partner with Think 360 Arts to provide high quality programs that serve educators and teaching artists, as well as provide direct arts experiences to K-12 students in Colorado public schools. As part of the partnership, Colorado Creative Industries will award Think 360 Arts $230,000 during the first year and a total of one million dollars over the four year period. Think 360 Arts is an affiliate of the national Young Audiences Arts for Learning network.
"We are thrilled to increase our collaboration with the arts education community," said executive director of Think 360 Arts Dr. Jay Seller. "We are about building capacity for arts as a core subject in our schools and brokering partnerships between community artists and teachers. This unique opportunity will increase schools' professional knowledge and expand their students' horizons."
In partnership with CCI, Think 360 Arts will develop and implement activities that provide professional development for Colorado educators and teaching artists, as well as facilitate programs to increase public awareness and communication around arts education. They will also provide direct student services, including a grant program to help Colorado schools and educators supplement and support arts instruction for students. 
"Think 360 Arts has tirelessly and enthusiastically supported arts teachers through development of resources and need-based professional development that is both standards-aligned and engaging," said Karol Gates, content specialist for the arts at the Colorado Department of Education. "This partnership underscores the vital need for collaborative ventures in supporting teachers to deliver innovative, 21st Century learning opportunities for all students in Colorado. Colorado Creative Industries should be commended for expanding their partnership, leveraging resources that provide quality programs and increasing their commitment to arts education in Colorado." 
About Think360 Arts
Think 360 Arts is a leading provider of arts education programs and services in Colorado and is an affiliate of Young Audiences Arts for Learning. Think 360 Arts serves as a resource for teacher professional development, a liaison between schools and teaching artists, and a clearinghouse of best practices and research in arts integration. Think 360 Arts is an affiliate of the national Young Audiences Arts for Learning network. For more information:
About Colorado Creative Industries
Colorado's Creative Industries, Colorado's state arts agency, is a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Established to capitalize on the immense potential for our creative sector to enhance economic growth in Colorado, the mission of Colorado Creative Industries is to promote, support and expand the creative industries to drive Colorado's economy, grow jobs and enhance our quality of life. For more information: 
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