Breakout Session D: 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.

D1. Leveraging your Brand in the Community: How to Advance Your Collaborative Partnerships
Bill McKemy, Education Manager, American Jazz Museum
Greg Carroll, CEO, American Jazz Museum
Chris Burnett, Marketing Manager, American Jazz Museum
In this session the presenters outline the ways in which the American Jazz Museum (AJM) leverages their brand and other resources to create partnerships, build community connections and enhance collaborative relationships with organizations and individuals across a wide spectrum of organizational activity. Greg Carroll will speak to the executive role in identifying partnership opportunities and their evaluation from a strategic planning and mission perspective. Chris Burnett will discuss the AJM brand and how the organization creates and implements marketing plans that are designed to leverage and enhance their brand. Bill McKemy will act as moderator and reveal how the AJM brand and related resources translate into tangible educational opportunities and results for students.
D2. Building a Better Business Model                                                                                     
Elizabeth Lundqvist, Board Member, Young Audiences, Inc.
Marsha Dobrzynski, Executive Director, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, Cleveland, OH
Tyrone Aiken, Executive Director, Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey, Kansas City, MO
Sheila Womble, Executive Director, Arts for Learning, Miami, FL
Every business person struggles with this question: How do you create an effective business model? This session will focus on topics including: staffing models, budget and income sources, fee structures, the nature of work (performance/workshop/residencies), venue of work and teaching artist hiring, training and retention. Participants will discuss these topics with the goal of sharing information and brainstorming improvements in individual and network-wide business models.
D3. Research Partnerships for Collective Impact                                                                   
Jay Seller, Executive Director, Think 360 Arts for Learning, Denver, Colorado
This session will present and describe the partnerships that have been instrumental in the recent study of arts education in Colorado K-12 public schools. The study partners, Colorado Creative Industries, a Division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the Colorado Department of Education, brought together community partners to assist in research design and outreach to schools for completion of the study survey disseminated to 1,839 Colorado public schools. Community partners also assisted in disseminating the research results. Young Audiences’ Colorado affiliate, Think 360 Arts for Learning served as one of the study’s community partners. The session presents the study’s findings as they relate to arts integration and external provider partnerships, provides an overview of the research design and development, and the role of community partners in shaping the study.
D4. From Development to Implementation: A Community’s Success with Arts for Learning
Peter Gerber, Director, Arts for Learning, Young Audiences Inc.
Jan Norman, Director, Education, Research & Professional Development, Young Audiences, Inc.
Rebecca Carney, Teacher on Special Assignment, Beaverton (OR) School
Learn how a district-wide partnership founded on shared values and goals and sustained by collaborative activities can benefit all parties—and enhance student development in literacy, art and learning and life skills. The Arts for Learning program (A4L) is completing its fifth year in the Beaverton (OR) Schools, with support of a federal Invest in Innovation (i3) grant and major local funding. Explore how YA of Oregon & SW Washington and the school district worked together developing and implementing A4L. A wealth of information from classroom observations, teacher surveys and consultations, student work and formative assessment contributed to the success of this program which is reaching more than 9000 students annually in all 350 grade 3-5 classes. Plans are well underway to continue A4L district-wide. Share your experience with partnerships that sustain and strengthen arts-in-education programs requiring collaboration for organization and implementation.
D5. Building Partnerships Founded on the Principles of the Nat’l Core Arts Standards   
Marcia McCaffrey, President, SEADAE
Joyce Huser, Fine Arts Consultant, Kansas City Department of Education
Cory Wilkerson, Project Manager, SEADAE
The release of the National Core Arts Standards in October 2014 represents both a current view of and future vision for arts education in America. Participate in a conversation about the various shapes and forms of standards implementation and how they play out in a variety of settings. Participants will discuss how they are addressing the new standards and discover opportunities for building partnership through standards-based programs and practices across a variety of stakeholder groups in arts education. In addition, the participants will cover the Philosophical Foundations and Lifelong Goals expressed by the National Core Arts Standards; view the website where the standards are housed, analyze the intent and meaning of the standards and reflect how the National Core Arts Standards are used in their own work with schools, teachers and students. Learn where your own state is with regards to standards adoption and adaptation.

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