Breakout Session A: 10:45 a.m. - Noon

A1. Now What? Closing the Leadership Gap                                                                                      
Amanda Cebula, Director of Project Development, Kansas Leadership Center
Julia Fabris McBride, Vice President, Kansas Leadership Center
Now What? Closing the Leadership Gap will focus on creating “experiments,” or next steps, in relation to each individual’s own challenges. This session will expand on The Leadership Gap keynote by helping participants dig deeper into how to apply their newfound leadership knowledge. By exploring ideas like “working across factions” and “experimenting beyond your comfort zone” participants will walk away with tangible steps to start working on during this conference and beyond.
A2. Encourage Creativity: Messaging and Advocacy for Arts                              
Jeff M. Poulin, Arts Education Program, Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts recently launched a new suite of tools and resources, titled "Encourage Creativity." This toolkit is comprised of materials which, when combined with facilitated workshops, can help arts education supporters to become community leaders to invoke wide spread support for arts education in schools, in communities and for students of all ages. The session outlines the basics of advocacy, messaging and field-wide trends. Working in small groups, participants can practice these skills and employ effective strategies to craft their own positive messaging campaign for arts education. Participants will be led through an action planning exercise and leave with actionable next steps to implement in their own organizations.
A3. The Power of SalesForce                                                                                                    
Angela Yetter, Scheduling Director, Arts for Learning Indiana
Kurtis Donnelly, Program Director, Young Audiences of Maryland
The YA network recently implemented the most popular and powerful Constituent Management System, SalesForce. Learn best practices and information on how to use this dynamic software in your organization. Participants can develop a document of common issues and solutions, create a wish-list of potential changes and upgrades and strengthen the community of users in the YA network.
A4. Blast Off to Health: The Blending of Arts and Health Programs                    
Kara Armstrong, Director of Arts Education, Kansas City Young Audiences
Kevin Dolan, Teaching Artist, Kansas City Young Audiences
Jay and Leslie Cady Teaching Artists, Kansas City Young Audiences
In this session, presenters outline the collaborative process used to develop an interactive series of arts programs entitled, “Blast Off to Health.” In 2012 Blue Cross Blue Shield granted Kansas City Young Audiences (KCYA) funds to develop arts programming for K-2nd grade students that focused on healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention. The design team created a music performance, movement and theatre workshops, and multi-disciplined residencies that engaged students in highly active arts activities and creative play, which allowed them to gain knowledge about healthy lifestyle choices. In this session, you’ll learn the techniques used to maintain strong arts instruction and curriculum ties to a healthy life-style and program components used in the program.

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