How can a sustained art partnership bring lasting change to a disadvantaged urban school?
Project or Program Summary
Please provide a summary of the project/program as demonstrated in the case study: 
The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning (CAL) has worked with staff from Archbishop Lyke School in Cleveland for more than a decade. In that time, the school has taken advantage of several grant opportunities to build a supplemental fine arts program to support and engage their students in innovative and effective learning environments. This case study intends to show how one school has catalyzed change in their students through a partnership in the arts. Beginning in 2004, Archbishop Lyke, located in a struggling neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, obtained a sizeable grant through MBNA Bank that focused on celebrating the school's diversity through art-making. In subsequent years, the school continued to seek out grants and opportunities funded through CAL. One two-year project enabled the school to engage parents and families in visual arts education projects with their students. Another in-school residency introduced dance to students as a outlet for health and fitness. In our most recent residency project, students were engaged to learn geometry concept through dance and movement. Throughout these experiences, the school staff has sought to expand and amplify the value of the arts for their students.
Portfolio Purpose and Rational
Portfolio Purpose and Rationale: Why has this case study been submitted?: 
This case study came out of the culmination of work the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning (CAL) has done for two years at the school under the YA National MetLife program.
Overall Conclusions
What are your overall conclusions regarding the documentation gathered for this case study?: 
Provided with ample resources, a budget-challenged urban school can provide rich and innovative arts programming to their students that engenders improved relationships among students, their families and staff and brings new life and enthusiasm to everyday learning.
Assessment Conclusions
What conclusions have you drawn from the responses to the assessment tools you have developed?: 
The effects of extended arts learning experiences have ripple effects that run deep within students academic and personal growth. They also provide teachers and administrators new ways of connecting with students to increase success in and outside of the classroom.
Answering the Inquiry Question
Back to the initial inquiry question, can it be answered?: 
Yes, our experience as a arts-in-education agency working with Archbishop Lyke has shown how the arts can transform a school community.
Conclusions: What Was Learned
What was learned?: 
Multiple means and forms of engagement, sustained over many weeks and over several years, are essential to the long-term impact of the arts in a school that has historically had little opportunity to provide arts education to its students.
Conclusions: What Can Be Done Differently In The Future
Conclusions: How Will This Inform The Work Moving Forward
How will this inform the work moving forward?: 
CAL continues to grow and strengthen it's partnership with the school. But even more so, we have learned how to see increased impact over time when schools are provided a variety of programs that address their needs for arts and academics across the learning spectrum.
Core Content Standards
Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
Model with mathematics
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
21st Century Learning Skills
Global Awareness
Health Literacy
Learning and Innovation / Creativity and Innovation: 
Think Creatively
Work Creatively with Others
Implement Innovations
Learning and Innovation / Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: 
Make Judgments and Decisions
Solve Problems
Learning and Innovation / Communication and Collaboration: 
Communicate Clearly
Collaborate with Others
Information, Media and Technology / Information Literacy: 
Use and Manage Information
Life and Career / Flexibility and Adaptability: 
Adapt to Change
Be Flexible
Life and Career / Social and Cross-Cultural : 
Interact Effectively with Others
Work Effectively in Diverse Teams
Life and Career / Leadership and Responsiblity: 
Produce Results
National Core Arts Standards
National Core Arts Standards: 

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