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How can a different physical and visual structure change an existing narrative?
Project or Program Summary
Please provide a summary of the project/program as demonstrated in the case study: 
Sixth grade students at an urban Denver middle school participated in a book-making residency with teaching artist Heather Doyle-Maier in collaboration with their literacy class. The class read graphic novels and worked together to write a group graphic novel. This project engaged each student to created his/her own cube book to portray creatively the narrative and to add a unique epilogue to the story.
Portfolio Purpose and Rational
Portfolio Purpose and Rationale: Why has this case study been submitted?: 
The language arts teacher we worked with was looking for a way to engage her students in an individual project that would enrich the graphic novel that the students wrote as a class. We were also interested in the students' understanding of how the form of a book impacts the story, and whether or not the narrative will be more engaging if it holds a different form.
Overall Conclusions
What are your overall conclusions regarding the documentation gathered for this case study?: 
The students really enjoyed learning about this process and they were clearly engaged learners. They asked great questions about book-making in general, and they also made connections to other books that they were reading. Finally, the idea of taking a collaborative effort and making it their own created a lot of buy-in and connection to the finished product for everyone.
Assessment Conclusions
What conclusions have you drawn from the responses to the assessment tools you have developed?: 
The students learned a great deal about how to create the cube book and how the structure of a book impacts the story. They also made more individual connections to the story that the class wrote as they became engaged with how to portray the story in the new format.
Answering the Inquiry Question
Back to the initial inquiry question, can it be answered?: 
The new book format was very engaging and told a story of its own that had many interesting connections to the narrative that the students started with.
Conclusions: What Was Learned
What was learned?: 
The students developed a deeper connection to the book they had written with their class. After having created their own books, their ownership levels increased, as did their knowledge and understanding about the art of bookmaking.
Conclusions: What Can Be Done Differently In The Future
Conclusions: How Will This Inform The Work Moving Forward
Core Content Standards
Look for and make use of structure
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Production and Distribution of Writing
Range of Writing
Speaking and Listening: 
Comprehension and Collaboration
Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
Conventions of Standard English
Knowledge of Language
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
21st Century Learning Skills
Learning and Innovation / Creativity and Innovation: 
Think Creatively
Work Creatively with Others
Implement Innovations
Learning and Innovation / Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: 
Reason Effectively
Use Systems Thinking
Make Judgments and Decisions
Solve Problems
Learning and Innovation / Communication and Collaboration: 
Communicate Clearly
Collaborate with Others
Life and Career / Flexibility and Adaptability: 
Adapt to Change
Be Flexible
Life and Career / Initiative and Self-Direction: 
Manage Goals and Time
Work Independently
Be Self-directed Learners
Life and Career / Social and Cross-Cultural : 
Interact Effectively with Others
Work Effectively in Diverse Teams
Life and Career / Leadership and Responsiblity: 
Guide and Lead Others
Produce Results
National Core Arts Standards
National Core Arts Standards: 
Local Standards
Describe Any Local Standards Met By The Program: 
Colorado Academic Standards: 1. Reading, Writing, and Communicating - Standard 3, Writing and Communication 2. Visual Arts - Standard 1, Observe to Learn and Comprehend 3. Visual Arts - Standard 3, Invent and Discover to Create 4. Visual Arts - Standard 4, Relate and Connect to Transfer

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