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How does Arts Integration training for teachers impact student learning?
Project or Program Summary
Please provide a summary of the project/program as demonstrated in the case study: 
Through 6-week residency program with expert teaching artists in dance, music, visual art, and theater, classroom teachers and art teachers gain critical skills and understanding of arts-integration as it can be applied to core curriculum lesson plans. Hands-on artist-led sessions with students provided the opportunity to model skills, techniques, and concepts for teachers, cultivating a base of arts-integration, which could then be shared with additional classroom teachers through a multi-media technology platform.
Portfolio Purpose and Rational
Portfolio Purpose and Rationale: Why has this case study been submitted?: 
As demonstrated by the project itself, sharing of best practices, arts-integration concepts, and lesson plans which harness the power of the arts to engage children allows for increased knowledge and understanding of the importance the arts play on student engagement and learning.
Overall Conclusions
What are your overall conclusions regarding the documentation gathered for this case study?: 
Would it not be for the dedication of on-site teachers and administrators, a full view of the impact of this project would be difficult to come by. Having the support and excitement of key teaching staff allowed Young Audiences of Houston to not only engage each affiliated teacher by way of a comprehensive pre- and post-assessment survey, but also through gathering photos, video, and quotes from involved teachers and the students who experienced these arts-integrated workshops firsthand.
Assessment Conclusions
What conclusions have you drawn from the responses to the assessment tools you have developed?: 
Surveys following the completion of these workshops indicated a strong support and increased confidence in both creating and executing arts-integrated lessons to continue sharing with subsequent students, but also to share with fellow teachers. Teachers indicated that not only did the arts-based lessons adequately address the academic needs of students, but also that they experienced increased confidence in new art forms upon completion of the workshops and mentorship.
Answering the Inquiry Question
Back to the initial inquiry question, can it be answered?: 
With training, encouragement, and proper planning tools, teachers can gain confidence and experience in providing stimulating, engaging, and highly effective lessons to students which teach and underscore core curriculum concepts thorough an artistic presentation. Students of all learning styles are able to engage with these lessons, effectively stimulating and encouraging their thirst for learning.
Conclusions: What Was Learned
What was learned?: 
Hands-on teaching strategies and the ability to cultivate a new artistic skill encouraged students to become invested in the presented material. A culture of engagement entered classrooms, invigorating both students and teachers to grow and learn in new ways. Artistic expression, teamwork, and creativity became prevalent in the classroom environment, which further encouraged positive learning outcomes and increased attention from students.
Conclusions: What Can Be Done Differently In The Future
What can be done differently in the future?: 
VoiceThread technology, a multimedia sharing platform, was originally intended to serve as the conduit through which lessons, outcomes, project culminating events and presentations, as well as video and photo documentation of in-class lessons could be shared with other teachers and their classrooms, and with parents and community members. The steep learning curve in preparing to use this new technology was not accurately accounted for in the planning process.
Conclusions: How Will This Inform The Work Moving Forward
How will this inform the work moving forward?: 
While tremendous documentation, by way of video, photographs, and surveys, was completed by on-site teaching staff, concentrated efforts in completing training with involved educators and Young Audiences of Houston teaching artists will drastically increased the visibility and impact of arts integration. The ability to fully document procedure, specific lesson plans, best practices and be able to share these documents with additional teachers, administrators, and parents will increase the effect and relevance of lessons for students who are exposed to arts integrated lessons.
Core Content Standards
Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
Use appropriate tools strategically
Key Ideas and Details
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
Text Types and Purposes
Production and Distribution of Writing
Speaking and Listening: 
Comprehension and Collaboration
Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
Knowledge of Language
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
Science / Dimension 2: Crosscutting Concepts That Have Common Applications Across Fields: 
Energy and matter: Flows, cycles, and conservation
Science / Dimension 3: Core Ideas In Four Disciplinary Areas / Physical Sciences: 
Motion and stability: Forces and interactions
Science / Dimension 3: Core Ideas In Four Disciplinary Areas / Life Sciences: 
Ecosystems: Interactions, energy, and dynamics
Science / Dimension 3: Core Ideas In Four Disciplinary Areas / Earth and Space Sciences: 
Earth’s place in the universe
21st Century Learning Skills
Learning and Innovation / Creativity and Innovation: 
Think Creatively
Work Creatively with Others
Learning and Innovation / Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: 
Reason Effectively
Solve Problems
Learning and Innovation / Communication and Collaboration: 
Communicate Clearly
Collaborate with Others
Life and Career / Flexibility and Adaptability: 
Be Flexible
Life and Career / Initiative and Self-Direction: 
Be Self-directed Learners
Life and Career / Social and Cross-Cultural : 
Interact Effectively with Others
Work Effectively in Diverse Teams
Life and Career / Leadership and Responsiblity: 
Guide and Lead Others
National Core Arts Standards
National Core Arts Standards: 

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