Arts for Learning (A4L)


Arts for Learning (A4L) is a research-based literacy program that integrates the creativity and discipline of the arts with learning science. Young Audiences Arts for Learning (YA) collaborated with a design team from the University of Washington to create this program, which was first conceived in 2005. A4L brings rich arts lessons to students in grades pre-K through 8, while providing them with instruction and practice in strategies for reading comprehension, writing, and learning.

Delivered by a classroom teacher who has received training from YA program staff, A4L workshops focus on a particular art form which are built around one or more literary works. The workshops are augmented by extended residencies led by artists of various disciplines. Multiple independent evaluations of A4L, conducted by WestEd, have shown a pattern of increased student achievement against challenging literacy standards. 

Arts for Learning is an online curriculum that provides teachers with a robust selection of interactive tools and an easy to use interface. 

For a sample of the A4L curriculum, visit the curriculum website:


Arts for Learning Research

The participating affiliates are: 
Alliance Arts for Learning Institute, Woodruff Arts Center
Arts for Learning, Indiana
Center for Arts Inspired Learning: The Northeast Ohio Affiliate of YA
Springboard to Learning: The St. Louis Affiliate of YA
Young Audiences/Arts for Learning Maryland
Young Audiences of Houston
Young Audiences of Louisiana
Young Audiences of New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington
Young Audiences of Rochester
Young Audiences of Virginia
Young Audiences Western New York