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We’re pleased to share a compelling video series highlighting YA affiliate Arts for Learning Indiana’s third space project. Made possible through generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc. , the program is designed to interject museum-quality works of art into the school environment and curriculum, through the temporary installation of artwork created by renowned local artists. The third space
Young Audiences Arts for Learning’s Affili-Nation column spotlights the hardworking individuals across the YA Network who make it possible for our affiliates to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts. Our latest publication features Sarah Frazier from Young Audiences New York. Young Audiences New York (YANY), one of the YA Network’s longest-standing affiliates, recently
The Arts Council of Kern invites local muralists to a meeting to hear public input concerning a mural at Rexland Acres Park in Bakersfield. Artists are encouraged to join in the discussion and to present ideas and submit bids for the project. Funding provided through a grant by the California Endowment and the Arts Council of Kern. For information email
Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virgina loves their students of military families. Their goal is to strengthen the connection their students of military families feel to their schools, their families and each other, while also providing a support system and opportunities for our students to experience success. YAV’s professional Visual Artists, Christopher Revels and Richard Nickel, will work
Spring 2017 registration is now open for Youth Arts in the Parks:Accessible Arts Experiences for the Kids our Arts for Learning presented by Young Audiences Arts for Learning's Affiliate, Arts for Learning Miami . This fun and educational program teaches kids of all abilities visual arts, creative movement and expression, or theater/improvisation in a social setting, led by professional artists/
In celebration of Arts in Education Week, an advocacy event organized by Americans for the Arts, I wanted to write about my first real and satisfying experience making art. Throughout my life, I have always had a strong interest in the arts. One standout memory was in third grade, when my school, 7 th District Elementary, created a short illustrated book titled Mischief in the Jungle . Two
Sheena Jeffers, Arts Integration Director, Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia Who doesn’t know the story “The Three Little Pigs”? Houses built of straw, sticks, and bricks. A big bad wolf huffs and puffs. Only the brick house stands. The wolf is defeated. In a traditional classroom, this might have been a reading lesson. Kids sitting at desks. Books in hand. Maybe the teacher would
When you integrate arts into educa­tion, the students will surprise you.” That’s what Aitina Fareed Cooke found in her experience as a teaching artist in two very different places. Waterfront Elementary School, where Aitina worked with third and fourth graders, is in Buffalo, the second-largest city in the state of New York. The Harold O. Brumsted Elementary School, where she worked with first
At the Waters Elementary School, students, families, teachers, and community members were involved in creating a unique series of mosaic projects. All of the participants contributed to their ideas and designs, and helped with the installation of the mosaics, one of which now adorns the main entrance to the school.
On August 12, Young Audiences of Western NY's ArtWorks Apprentices showcase a curated gallery of their original art.
The arts have been linked with numerous academic benefits that help to rectify the disparity of achievement that traditionally exists between students in high poverty areas and their more financially able peers. In a 2012 study, The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth, by Catterall, J.S., Dumais, S.A. & Hampden-Thompson, it was found that students with low socioeconomic status but high arts
“Please don’t cut down all my trees, I need the earth to breathe! Won’t you help me?” This may sound like a line from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” but it’s actually the beginning of the chorus from a song co-written and produced by students and teaching artists from the Red House Program, a segment of Young Audiences of Rochester’s “Rochester Summer Scholars Program”. The Rochester Summer
This Saturday, September 6th, from 1:00 - 3:00 pm, Arts for Learning Miami- an affiliate of Young Audiences Arts for Learning- will be presenting the opening reception for their new exhibition entitled Synthesis. This exhibition will feature works of art by six high school students who are alumni of Arts for Learning Miami's Lewis Art Studio program. Synthesis will mark the culmination of the
On Wednesday, January 29th, A4L presented the Lewis Arts Studio Alumni Program Exhibition , an exhibition of artwork by seven students who graduated from the Lewis Arts Studio Program. This inaugural LAS Alumni Exhibition featured works by seven 9th and 10th grade students currently enrolle d at both magnet and non-magnet public high schools across Miami-Dade County. The participating group of
MetLife Learning for Life uses the essential learning and life skills inherent in the arts as an engaging, life-long learning model to promote creativity, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and communication across all subject areas...
Hugo was in 2nd grade last year at ER Taylor Elementary School in San Francisco. He was a shy, sweet student, but was considered difficult to work with by his teachers because he had so much trouble focusing on his work. He was unsure of himself in the classroom and he needed constant reassurance. Young Audiences of Northern California brought a visual artist into Hugo’s classroom for a 10 week
This coming Friday, September 14th is the YA of Connecticut's Fall Artist Showcase from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Rotella Magnet School in Waterbury. More than 70 artists will engage students in learning through their interactive performances and workshops.
Young Audiences of Indiana's Metlife Grant residency has officially launched this month with the first pilot in a local public school. This first residency is called "Stay in the Game: Visual Styles" and combines the arts of visual street art design and video game design while addressing issues of environmental awareness. Visual artist Holly Combs has introduced the students to her street art
On the night of Friday, July 27 th , Young Audiences of Northern California turned the walls of one of SoMa’s hottest new spots, Club Six into paintings. With huge canvases in front of them, loads of brushes and paint at their fingertips, and retro/hip-hop music by DJ Ry Toast flowing in and out of their ears, novices and trained artists alike painted the night. A hundred percent of the evening’s