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“We actually like to draw attention to the fact this is something for people who have lived experience [with mental illness]. There shouldn’t be any shame in it; it should be something people are appreciated for and [they should be] applauded for their openness.” - Mental Wellness Center CEO Annmarie Cameron If you consider yourself an artist in any medium, you’ve probably encountered the healing
Incorporating the arts in the healing process not only helps to stimulate the mind, but studies show that the arts can help aid in physical healing as well. According to an article “The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature” by Heather Stuckey “Engagement with creative activities has the potential to contribute toward reducing stress and depression and
It’s been two weeks since the “Building pARtnerships through Community Connections” conference, and we still can’t seem to get the theme of building great partnerships out of our minds, so we decided that this was a good time to feature another impressive partnership that has been fostered within our network. The partnership between Arts for Learning/Miami – a Young Audiences Arts for Learning
On Friday, April 26, participants of the Young Audiences Arts for Learning 60th Anniversary National Conference will travel to a Young Audiences affiliate in the tri-state area to see the work we do firsthand.
Mike Kachuba has been working with Arts for Learning Connecticut for the past few years as a teaching artist and consultant and was promoted to Education Manager in 2011.
Amara, a special needs student from Iran, recently arrived in the United States and began going to school in Connecticut. She found that integrating into her new 2nd grade classroom was challenging because it was her first school experience. In Iran, since she was a special needs student, she was not allowed go to school. A teaching artist from Young Audiences Arts for Learning Connecticut
I have been a photographer for almost forty years and I work with Young Audiences Arts for Learning and VSA. As a Teaching Artist, I work with students with special needs and I find that people may judge them as challenged in some ways, but when it comes to working with a camera and taking photographs, they often show a natural brilliance and talent for photography. My programs have led to
In the 2011-12 school year, Young Audiences of Houston has expanded its Music 4 Everyone program to include two new facilities: Gardens Elementary in Pasadena ISD and Avondale House. Music 4 Everyone is an interventional music project that provides music activities to the special education students at low-income schools and professional development training for the classroom teachers and