Network Initiatives

An annual, three-day professional learning event, ArtsNow’s Foundational Seminar invites teams of K-8 educators from across the Southeastern United States to explore arts-integrated, standards-aligned instructional strategies that promote student learning, innovation, and achievement. This year’s Foundational Seminar, delivered via dynamic, Zoom-based virtual sessions, continued ArtsNow’s tradition of inspiring teachers to nurture creativity as they plan for the upcoming school year - whatever it may look like.
YA-WNY’s YA Week celebrations were recognized by several prominent government officials and congressional stakeholders.
Young Audiences Arts for Learning’s Affili-Nation column spotlights the hardworking individuals across the YA Network who make it possible for our affiliates to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts. Our latest publication features Sarah Frazier from Young Audiences New York. Young Audiences New York (YANY), one of the YA Network’s longest-standing affiliates, recently
Every Second Saturday at 1:00 pm Young Audiences of Western New York will be offering free, family, interactive programming at the Buffalo downtown Central library. These programs will be located at the Ring of Knowledge at the base of the escalators on the main floor. This Saturday teaching artist Aitina Fareed Cooke illustrates stories of endurance through hardships. Aitina serves as the
Director of Education and Programs, Young Audiences of Louisiana, implementing a Professional Development for Arts Educators (PDAE) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to train teachers in arts-integrated instruction within five Title 1 Jefferson Parish schools. Approximately 50 second-, third-, and fourth-grade teachers received full-day training sessions and in-school support based on a co-teaching model that brings teaching artists into the classroom.
It’s Tuesday at Marsh Preparatory Academy and Wendy Powell’s advanced drama class is taking first stabs at reading The Outsiders. The roles are just mapped and the classic play, still relevant and controversial decades after its debut, is fresh for these budding actors.The advanced drama class, consisting of seasoned Big Thought Thriving Minds After School students that have been in the program two to three years, is also known as the award-winning Marsh Matador Players.
This isn’t your usual poetry club: “There is a certain personal release that a writer experiences when etching words onto the page, but there is the opportunity for collective release when the words are both spoken and received by another."
On Monday, September 28, YANY hosted a Literature to Life performance of an excerpt from Lemon Andersen’s memoir County of Kings. The performances and post-show workshops invite youth to examine what it means to be a citizen, confronting current social issues of discrimination, racism, poverty and justice, and to explore the role of art in social change.
"I worked with the Scholars K-8 teachers to create a series of Hip Hop writing workshops to strengthen students’ comprehension skills. In the two weeks I was at the school, students wrote songs about the writing process, how to count money and use decimals, as well as climate and how humans affect the environment." Read more...
Research has shown that middle school is a critical development point for young people, and a time where the foundation for future learning and success is built. In order to help establish this solid foundation, the MetLife Learning for Life program was created. The MetLife Learning for Life program focuses on creating specially designed residencies for middle school students, led by Young
The Intergalactic Nemesis merges comic book and radio play formats into a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience and a new art form: the Live-Action Graphic Novel. Three actors voice the dozens of characters, a foley artist creates all the sound effects, and a pianist plays a cinematic score, while more than 1,250 individual full-color and high-resolution comic book panels tell a hilarious action/
“Please don’t cut down all my trees, I need the earth to breathe! Won’t you help me?” This may sound like a line from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” but it’s actually the beginning of the chorus from a song co-written and produced by students and teaching artists from the Red House Program, a segment of Young Audiences of Rochester’s “Rochester Summer Scholars Program”. The Rochester Summer
The students competed in front of parents, friends, Boys & Girls Clubs staff members and a panel of celebrity judges...
As an arts-in-education organization that teaches across the disciplines, we are big advocates for STEAM. Education News recently published this article on how Reading is Fundamental is adding the arts into their latest initiative. Click here to read the full article on RIF and STEAM.
Miss Nelson Is Missing is a humorous tale of a teacher who must go to outrageous extremes to deal with the most horribly-behaved class in her school. Now Harry Allard and James Marshall’s perennially popular book for young readers comes to life in an interactive play performed by arts educator Andi Meyer. The performance is sponsored by Kansas City Young Audiences in celebration of National Arts
On Sunday, September 23 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM in Chappaqua, NY Young Audiences New York in partnership with Crabtree's Kittle House presents an evening of food, wine, and performances by local artists at Crabtree's Kittle House. This now annual event gives support to the Donna Salvatore Fund for Storytelling which provides funding for programs that offer opportunities for students to connect
Through a grant from The Western States Arts Federation, Young Audiences of San Diego brought nationally renowned storyteller David Novak to San Diego for six school assemblies in celebration of Read Across America. Read Across America celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss and encourages every child to celebrate reading. Over 1,000 students at three elementary schools were treated to David's